5 Tips for Selecting a Kitchen Island


One of the easiest ways to bring more storage and functionality to the kitchen is by installing an island. Through the use of size, lighting, balance, style and modern technology, anyone can select a kitchen island that works just for them.


The amount of space in the kitchen will help determine theideal size of the perfect island. There should be at least a 36-inch clearance surrounding it. This will make it easy for people who are in the kitchen to be able to use their larger appliances. Because the kitchen is often the nesting area for people at social gatherings, the space should not feel crowded. If it begins to feel tight, a full kitchen remodel may be the solution.


Many islands come with hidden cabinets or open shelves that give a vast amount of storage space. The island countertop can be ceramic, wood, marble or granite, depending on its main purpose. Some kitchens are large enough you can shop for counter-height stools thatwill fit comfortably in the space.



Light fixtures are some of the most important features in a home, especially the kitchen. They give light when cooking and set the mood when relaxing and socializing. Island lights come in many shapes and styles. Options include a large piece with glass fixtures hanging from a single junction box, a sweeping monorail  or single pendant lights that illuminate different portions of the island. Designs range from Tuscan to modern, while brightness can be adjusted on a dimmer.



When purchasing a kitchen island, it should blend with the balance of the room. If it is long and narrow, then the lights above it should resemble the tables balance, designed in a long and narrow fashion. A kitchen island can be bigger than everything else in the room as long as it also has that sense of balance. If the room is open, it can dual purpose as a beautiful centerpiece. Adding barstools could complement the island and the other furnishings within the kitchen.



Think about the colors and wood tones that already exist in your kitchen and if the style is modern, country, Tuscan or traditional. Mixing styles can create an artistic look. Consider open-legged, curvy or chunky pieces to add that certain appeal to make the room fresh.



Through modern technology, kitchen islands have come a long way in their design and usage. For example, two-sided islands is a dual purpose option. One side can be used for prepping food and storage and the other used for eating. This type is terrific for larger rooms. Islands come with more storage than ever before and encompasswine racks and refrigerated compartments that can pull out on a track. The technology of lighting design, countertop material and overall design come together to create a unique kitchen island suited to your specific style.