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45 Cool Tipsy Pot Planters

The tipsy pot planter is a great Do It Yourself project anyone can do, with just a few supplies and a bit of a green thumb.

Oh, sweet Summer time.  The sounds of bees buzzing around the yard and the laughter of children fill the air, the grass is warm on your toes and you are ready to plant some flowers, but aren’t sure what to plant to be different from every other garden on your block. [via]




Annie Steen has ‘upped the ante’ with her galvanized ‘tipsy pots’ and has added  water flowing from the middle tub pouring into a little stream that flows into her pond. [via]


Tipsy Pots Tower Planter, plant herbs this way. [via]






How To Make A Tipsy-Pot [via]







When drilling the hole in the saucer, fill saucer reservoir with water. Drill directly into the water. The water will keep the bit cool and prevent the saucer from cracking. [via]



Mosaic Tipsy Pots by Carol [via]








Tipsy Pots Tutorial [via]




DIY Project - Build Your Own Typsy Pot Planter [via]

















DIY – Tipsy Stackable Pot Planter [via]









Tipsy pots. Stake a 6 foot piece of rebar into the ground, paint terra cotta pots, fill pots with soil, and then arrange them to your liking. The pots hide the rebar, so it appears that the pots are balancing on their own!


Tipsy tiered planter! Bought the pots for $2 a piece (there are 6) I decorated them with neon tulip paint pens. The rebar was cut to about 6 feet with 1 foot in the ground to make it sturdy. Placed the pots on one at a time thru holes that were already in the pots, and planted the flowers. Gravity kinda keeps the pots in place and they are also kinda stacked on each other at one edge so there is no danger of them falling or moving. This was so fun and it makes the flower bed so pretty!


his tipsy flower pot tower is made up of 4 terracotta pots is supported by a metal rod and ranging in size from 3 inches to 6 inches. Cheerful colors and vinyl lettering with the words ‘grow’, ‘fresh’, ‘tasty’, & ‘earthy’ top each one of these chalkboard bottomed pots. The base is made from a large terracotta saucer painted in black satin indoor / outdoor acrylic paint. [via]




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