25 Inspirational Home Library Ideas

Do you ever wish we could bring back the home library? Could we ever return to the beauty of an actual room devoted solely to books, a personal refuge for reading, thinking, relaxation and contemplation?

25 Inspiring Pictures of Home Libraries

home library pictures

home library pictures

home library pictures

home library picturesRound sofa and circular bookshelf by Russian Designer, Irina Zhdanova.

home library pictures

Skateboard Bookshelf by Taylor Hamilton

Pure White Pyramid Bookshelf by Fitting Design

Home library bookshelves by Fitting Design

Primo Quarto - Unique bookshelf design by Saba Italia

 Ellen-M Bookshelf by Francesco Passaniti


Ellen XL Home Library Bookshelves by Francesco Passaniti

Unique Home Library Bookshelves by DbD Studio


The Staircase Bookshelf courtesy of Apartment Therapy

Ultra modern home library design by Jan Baldwin

Classic home library design by Simon Watson


The United States Bookshelf by Ron Arad


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