2012 Furniture Designs by Walter Knoll

20 gorgeous images from Walter Knoll’s 2012 Furniture Design Lineup. 

It’s almost better than lying down.  Gordon, the spacious sofa, ensures lasting relaxation.  Protecting and supporting at the same time: the high back with a slim-line back shield.  The soft cushions in front of it guarentee comfortable sitting for hours on end.  Fine drawn-in leather defines the seat cushions.  A refuge to come home to - in total peace and quiet and amazing comfort.

Spacious and round, it’s the curves that make Bao appealing on first sight.  A sumptuous sculpture with an artistic back. In the style of a leather ball, the leather patchwork forms the rear.  Flowing lines - sweeping and elegant.  The swivelling armchair combines the materials whilst keeping them distinct: leather on back, fabric in the seat.  Everything has its place.  Bao - as familiar as a welcoming embrace.