2010 Interior Color Trends: Coral

2010 Color Trends:  Coral

Coral Pink and White Dining RoomCoral has been coming back in a big way over the last two years – first it was the actual motif – the jagged sea formation.  Now it’s the color – a soft orange tone that is finding a home in many places.  Coral has a very positive energy and is pleasing to the eye for many.  Once thought of as a coastal color, coral has found its place in today’s interiors all over.

Coral is easy to pair with other colors and is very versatile.   Brown gives it a modern feel, with a warm undertone. Purple and coral create a lively, spunky feel.  Shades of turquoise with it provides an inviting mix of warm and cool tones.  White or ivory is always an option with coral for a crisp, clean look.  Yellow or green tones give an exotic edge. 

Coral is not a new color for interiors, but rather a rejuvenated one.  It is best used in a well lit area, and can handle a large surface, such as a sofa or rug.  Coral is also a flattering color for most skin tones, and is great for a ceiling, casting a warm glow on the occupants.  Try it on one wall, or one item – you’ll be back for more. 

Coral Color Living Room

Coral Color Dining Room

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