2010 Bathroom Design Trends - The Refresher

The Refresher – A New Concept in Bathrooms

When I was in college, I used to joke that I could cook dinner, take a shower, and go to the bathroom all at the same time in the tiny little apartment I lived in.  Now, that concept has actually been acted upon (without the cooking part) in a new bathroom concept called The Refresher.  Still in patenting stage, this major appliance contains a sink, toilet, and flexible “refresher” hose and sprayer.

The Refresher 3d Model

Featured recently at the National Kitchen and Bath show in Atlanta, this multi-functional unit can be installed in nearly any room where a utility hook-up is available.  It handles the basic human needs of showering, using a toilet, washing, shaving, etc.  It contains mirrors, space for toiletries, and outlets for electric.  Continual purified air can be pumped in, and it is bright as well as nearly soundproof.  It fits snugly into a corner taking up no more than 3 ½ feet. 

The company states that it takes no more time than hooking up a washer and dryer, as long as proper drainage and water access is in place.  They feel it will work great for lake or vacation homes, offices, lower-grade classrooms, retail stores, hotels, etc. 


There are no porous surfaces within, making The Refresher also mildew proof.  This low cost, full bathroom is meant to cost roughly $2,000-3,000.00, making it a much more affordable alternative to a typical bathroom.  While units are not on the market yet, the site asks that you submit your name to them if interested and they will contact you where you can purchase.  Now you can clean up anywhere, anytime!

Written by Jan Finlayson | Edited by Ryan Kerby

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