2009 Summer Color Trends For Home Decorating And Interior Design

Color Trends For 2009 - 7 Interior Color Schemes for Summer and Fall

“For summer 2009, Pantone is forecasting a trend toward color palettes that reflect individuality and make people feel good about who they are,” states Tod Shulman, vice president of fashion, home, and interiors division at Pantone.  *Updated: 2011 Pantone Interior Color Trends

Taken straight from the Pantone Color Forecast for this summer are the “isms” that calibrate the colors we will be seeing in the trends:

1. Color Trends For 2009 - Summer and Fall: Female-ism

Feamle-ism celebrates women as being relevant, positive and beautiful through its use of medium pastels with a tinge of retro glamour.

2. Color Trends For 2009 - Summer and Fall: Classic-ism

Influenced by modern art and architecture, Classic-ism is almost devoid of color except for one medium blue accent. The palette emphasizes a feeling of restraint and austerity.

3. Color Trends For 2009 - Summer and Fall: Indeptendent-ism

With its tart, bold and gregarious colors, Independent-ism is geared toward creative artisans who are unafraid of true originality.

4. Color Trends For 2009 - Summer and Fall: Today-ism

The range of deep, dark shades of reddish blues and brown in Today-ism provides a proper balance to other more aggressive and colorful ranges.

5. Color Trends For 2009 - Summer and Fall: Absurd-ism

Rejecting rationality and uniformity, Absurd-ism allows colors to be libertarian and focuses on the challenge of combining the disproportionate.

6. Color Trends For 2009 - Summer and Fall: Fetish-ism

A carnal inspiration and desire for experimentation is the backdrop for Fetish-ism. The colors captivate and seduce to elicit an attitude of freedom.

7. Color Trends For 2009 - Summer and Fall: Surreal-ism

Surreal-ism plays with scale, combination and expectation to create unexpected, and even strange, creations.

Many of the descriptions play with your imagination, while others emphasis a particular color. Expect the deep jewel shades to continue into fall, and watch for the play between both interiors and fashion.

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