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Home Decorating Trends 2009: Interior Colors

Purples, soft blues, metallics, golden greens, grays, yellows…these are the interior colors you will see throughout 2009 in home decorating. Vibrant colors with lots of pop and sizzle will be tempered with neutrals to make them grounded and livable, creating a youthful, yet sophisticated style. However, the old solid + floral + striped fabric equation is being set to the side, replaced by unexpected new mixes. Throw in some fur – faux or real, shearling, burnished metallic leathers, eco-friendly vinyls, textural linens, and some heavy distressed wood…and well, you’ve created quite a conversation. There is a lot of look mentioned here, but making nod to one or two of the trends may be all you need to spunk up your room’s look.


Home Decoration Trends 2009: Fabrics


Fur seems to be one of the big decoration trends for 2009, and has reached a fervor pitch. There is a plethora of pillows, throws, bedding, seat cushions, fabrics and rugs being offered in both fake and real fur. Leaving the hair on the hide is a popular trend in leather furnishings that shows both texture and color variances. Most of the faux furs are created from a blend of polyester, Modacrylic, and acrylic fibers that feel very luxurious, and are just as lovely as the real thing. Visit www.eco-luxuryfur.com to see throws and pillows made from a New Zealand paihama. They tout that the fur is sourced from humanely killed animals that are considered pests since they have populated so rapidly.


 Home Decorating Trends 2009: Purple Is Rising

Home decorating trends do tend to take a page from the fashion world, and 2009 decorating trends continue to follow it by incorporating the energetic colors. Orange as well as shades of Coral are big on the spring runway as well as enjoying resurgence in home fashion this year. Perhaps the biggest surprise is the rising strength of purple being used in interiors. It had a strong hold in 2008 fall fashion, which is being carried over into the new year in various shades. Combined with grays or neutrals, it has a sophisticated, calming effect. It can be viewed as feminine and light in its lavender shades, or strong and masculine when mixed with brown.


Home Decorating Trends 2009: Accessorize With Metallics

Throw a little (or a lot) of metallic in with any color, texture, or style, and you have hit upon the biggest trend of 2009 in home decorating. Once considered to be a “luxury” material, metallics have now been transformed to be made available in a myriad of finishes. We will see them in wall and furniture finishes, leathers and vinyls, fabrics, lighting, etc. Metallics are adding a nice bridge to the dull abundance of neutrals by adding a bit of sparkle and luxe.

If there is a trendy “must-have” of 2009, then consider fur or some sort of metallic to be your item. Both will add punch to any setting, modern or traditional, and give you an immediate conversation piece. Be wary of over-indulging in either trend as you can quickly turn a chic room into a page out of one of Saddam Hussein’s palaces.

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