25 Themed Christmas Trees for 2013 by RAZ

2013 Aspen Sweater Tree

These trees are beautifully decorated by the creative designers at RAZ

Browse through them for ideas to create your own stunning Christmas tree. Many of the items used on the trees can be  found on the RAZ website but not all of course.  RAZ just has TOO many beautiful things to stock them all.  If you have any difficulty locating what you’re looking for, just send them a note, they’ll be happy to help.

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Christmas Pins of the Day 09/23/2013

Whether your home is country comfy or sleek modern, choose holiday decor that matches your style. RMSer LogHomeLiving embraces her log home’s rustic style with a mantel display that includes pinecones, pheasant feathers and snowshoes. [via]

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Choosing A Christmas Tree Theme

Christmas Tree ThemeColorful, Purple Christmas Tree Theme

25 Creative Christmas Tree Theme Ideas to Help Inspire Your Holiday Decorating.

Want a little more splash with your Christmas Tree this year?  Here are some Christmas tree themes to help inspire you.  How about a pink, purple or blue theme?  Buy an artificial tree or purchase a real tree and have it flocked a pretty color.   You can even find black trees that make a dramatic statement.  There are many creative Christmas tree themes out there.  For more inspiration, do a search on Flickr or Pinterest.

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