Dreaming Of A Pink Christmas

Pink ChristmasI found a collection of great articles about Christmas decorating with a pink theme.  Be sure to also check out the Pink Christmas Decorations Picture Gallery.  The articles below are full of inspiring pink Christmas themes.

Silver and Pink Christmas Tree.jpg

Silver Christmas Tree Decorated With Pink Ornaments.

A Pink Christmas
pink christmas decorations.jpg

Beautiful Pink Christmas Decorations


Pink and Turquoise Decorated Flocked White Christmas Tree

Make your home feel more festive with these Christmas tree themes, glittering fireplace mantels, cheery wreaths, and more decor ideas.

Christmas Decorating Ideas

Sparkling Tower Christmas Decorations

Whether they’re placed in a vase or hanging from a tree, glittering ornaments add the perfect finishing touch to your holiday home decor. 

Be creative and maximize a piece’s potential. Stacking several antique silver compotes allows for a much more dazzling display than would solo shows.

Sparkling Holiday Ornaments

White Christmas Tree With Pink Ornaments

This pretty little tree is in my crochet room.  The white tree and the two pots were purchased from The Dollar Tree.  The two pots are glued together and the tree is permanently affixed in the pot with plaster of paris. 

Pink Christmas
flocked pink christmas tree.jpg

Pink Flocked Christmas Tree

Months ago, maybe last spring, I talked about my 2008 Christmas tree vision- a pink Christmas tree covered in handcrafted ornaments.

Pink Christmas Tree
pink glass ornaments.jpg

Pink Glass Ornaments

White Christmas Tree With Silver and Pink Christmas Decorations.

Whether you’re a Christmas traditionalist or a minimalist, love the classic look of green fir trees and red holly berries or want a contemporary Christmas theme, December is the time of year to go all out and indulge your wildest decorating dreams! 

Christmas Decorations and Decorating Ideas

Pink Christmas WreathPink Christmas Decoration by Martha StewartUsually strict evergreen loyalists, we fell in love with this cotton-candy-ish conifer. It’s unabashedly festive, and you don’t have to strap it to your car to bring it home. Traditional trimmings wouldn’t cut it, so we wove jumbo lights in and out of its branches, then dangled glass globes and plastic balls, which have the sheen of soap bubbles.

Faux Fir Pink Christmas Tree

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